Rocket Air humidifier

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Rocket Air humidifier

  • Rocket Air humidifier
  • The rocket’s styling design makes life look more relaxed
  • Ultrasonic technology for humidifiers for personal use
  • Ultra-quiet design, do not bother your work
  • Fog with cold light design, for the use of the night to add a ray of color
  • Change colorful lights for your life to create a romantic atmosphere
  • Power protection anti-dry
  • Power protection, electronic components and atomizer separation, the use of more secure
  • Material: ABS/PP
  • Operating voltage: DC 5V
  • Working current: 500 mA
  • Use power: 2.5 W
  • Water bottle capacity: 135 ML
  • Spray: 30ML / H
  • Use time: Approx.3.5 hours
  • Warning:
  • The cover must be locked before opening
  • Do not tilt the product when there is water remaining
  • Do not add water or open the cover during use
  • Do not plug the adapter interface with wet hands
  • The product should be placed flat and not tilted

Unique technology for high-humidity conditions (>90%) Rocket Air humidifier

The 2-stage zeolite filter is made of advanced hi-grade zeolite, which, unlike many other materials, efficiently captures gases and odours without also capturing water molecules. This means it continues to remove gases and odours even under very humid conditions of up to 90% humidity.

3-stage Electro-clean filter removes >99% of particles

The 3-stage Electro-clean particle filter works three ways. First, the pre-filter blocks larger particles, such as animal allergens (hair and dead skin) and house dust allergens. Second, the finer particles that pass through the pre-filter, including bacteria and viruses, are given an electric charge by the Corona particle Charger. Third, the Electro-Static Precipitation (ESP) particle filter attracts these charged particles to its surface and keeps them safely trapped. With average use, the cost-effective ESP particle filter only needs to be replaced once every five years.



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